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FAMU Hazing Victim Was Gay. Prepare For Shit Storm

A Quick Background

First and foremost, let me put my own beliefs upfront. While I have no reservations in my mind that would set aside a personal viewpoint regarding your sexual orientation, I believe that reality is not as kind. Let’s face it, there just isn’t a clear path to complete unity on this issue.

Simple-minded people will always persecute those who aren’t similar to them, considered normal, or live up to their interpretation of their god’s book.

Crimes committed based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual-orientation, gender, or age are hate crimes, pure and simple. If it is the motivation that guides you on your quest of nefarious behavior, then you have committed the worst kind of crime that exists and you deserve the worst kind of punishment.

So when I read that the FAMU hazing victim told his friends and family that he was gay, I instantly began searching for my raincoat and umbrella. Folks, the shit-storm’s a’ brewin’. The horizon smells mighty awful.

What’s Next?

This is the first incident of this magnitude of it’s kind in my memory. A student involved in a hazing incident is killed and it appears as a result of his homosexuality.

I’ve been involved in hazing incidents before- as a freshman in high school and as an FNG in the Army (I was too proud of my military experience to ever enlist in a fraternity during college). These affairs are an indisputable part of life, as people who belong to an organization tend to want the newbies to suffer some sort of trials and tribulations in their effort to belong to the group.

I agree with hazing in that I believe that those who’ve been there longer should have the ability to tease the new guy in some fashion. This teasing can approach torment, but should stop short and never last longer than the arrival of a new subject. It’s an act that binds people together and let’s the group know the true salt of inductee. It answers the question- "Can he hack it?"

But in this instance, we now see that an entire group of people intentionally, and fiercely, beat the ever loving shit out of a man simply because they felt he didn’t belong.

You can’t sugar coat this. You can’t tell me that he was just an unfortunate victim of school yard antics that went horribly wrong.

Many in their organization went through the same process and came out fine on the other end, even if the beating ritual resembles more of a gang induction than a real pledge initiation.

The truth of the matter is that whomever suggested this man should be initiated did so with the full knowledge that the man will be beat to a pulp- that the people on the bus will ferociously attack this man with utter disregard for his safety.

Those responsible are guilty of murder.

In the coming days, we are going to see a massive undertaking to indict the entire FAMU leadership on charges of neglectful leadership, as well as the band leadership of willful manslaughter. The addition of the word “hate crime” to the situation now qualifies the people involved for much harsher sentences, and we as a people have the responsibility to convict them.

Oh it’s a brewin’.

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